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Is TeamFirst only appropriate for companies who are in software development and who uses SCRUM/Agile?
No, TeamFirst adds value to any team working environment, whether it is teams of software developers, maintenance staff, call centre agents, sales teams or top level senior management. All teams will benefit from TeamFirst
Can TeamFirst replace our quarterly or bi-annual reviews?
That would depend on your process, but for most companies TeamFirst will give a more accurate and a real-time view of what is actually happening in the minds of their people. Many companies find that they can drastically reduce the number of reviews per person per year as TeamFirst will show when intervention is required. Most TeamFirst users also use the TeamFirst results as main input to yearly reviews
How do you deploy TeamFirst in our organisation?
It’s pretty easy: one person from your company creates the company account and can then set up individuals and teams. The system will automatically notify your team members of their login credentials to use. They can either download the app from the various app stores or go to the website. We have a couple of documents on how to roll TeamFirst out. Have a look here.
How do we manage change management while rolling out TeamFirst?
Like any process change in an organisation, change management is key. Look at our Change Management document that you can find under our resources section above.
I am having a problem. What do I do?
Report any problems or support that you require here.


How do I register?
Only the administrator for your company must register. That person registers as the administrator for your company on this site. Very little information is required. Once that is done, your administrator can create teams and individuals and assign the correct rights to enable other admins to create more teams and people, or to allow team members to access TeamFirst.
Can I bulk upload or bulk manage people in my organisation?
At this time you need to add individuals and teams manually. A future release will enable bulk adds, updates and deletes.
When will you start billing me?
The first two months are free, so we will only bill you after that period expires.
How is my bill calculated?
TeamFirst is a flat fee of $5 per user per month. The number of users is specified by you. When your free period expires, the TeamFirst team will contact you via mail and confirm the number of users you would like to register on the system.We will bil according to the agreed number so that there are no surprises for you.
Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes you can!

Privacy and Confidentiality

Who can see my data?
Data access is carefully controlled in TeamFirst. As a team member, only people added as ‘Management’ will be able to see personal data, no one else will. We will never share your data with anyone including third parties.